The exploitation of a mining site could be considered by the general public as an ecological perturbation that destroys biodiversity. However opening mining sites can create new ecosystems that offer ecological niches to the species that could not live in the previously existing ecosystems.

The project “Discovering the birds of Lespezi” will reveal the variety and beauty of the birds living on the Lespezi quarry and give guidelines for the future appropriate management.
There are two main ideas for this project. 
The first one is to understand how big is the effect that quarry has on birds, by studying for each species the difference between individuals living inside and outside the quarry.
The second one is to determine if some of the bird species present on the site would not be there if there was no quarry. 
What makes the Lespezi quarry interesting from the scientific point of view is its particularly high elevation profile, compared to the other quarries present in the region. Such elevation profile makes this site hard to reach and inhabit for many species that typically breed on quarries (Sand Martins, Bee-eaters, Little Ringed Plovers...) and makes it very interesting for research.
Upon collected field data, ecological characteristics for each species will be presented and their presence analyzed according to available literature. 
The main output of the project should be a geospatial database that would consolidate the spatial distribution of birds at the Lespezi quarry and its surroundings and would show both the diversity and the abundance of the species present on the site. 
Recommendations for the further management of the site will be issued along with the final results of the study. 
The results of this project should facilitate understanding of the general knowledge about the composition and the background of the presence of the bird species that inhabit quarries located in mountainous forest zone.