The project aims to involve the pupils from the local community in activities on the awareness of the biodiversity importance in the Iglicioara Quarry. We intend to fulfill this by developing a series of activities which require the direct involvement of the younger generation.

Our project objectives are divided into two directions:

  1. Class activities with pupils

The activities will include open classes with general presentations about biodiversity and games for the pupils to understand the importance of local flora and fauna. Furthermore, we will present to the pupils information about the Iglocioara quarry such as excavation process, construction materials that are excavated and their usage.

  1. Raising creativity and desire for knowledge about biodiversity among pupils by organizing a competition

The second phase of the project involves field activities during which pupils will identify species of local flora and fauna and photograph it. The pictures which capture snapshots of the species which are difficult to photograph will receive the highest marks.


Project coordinator: Gradinaru Simona

Members involved in the project: Gavrilidis Athanasios; Nita Andreea; Stanescu Ana; Stoicescu Ioana; Tican Ana; Tudor Alina.

Latest project news

IALE Romania team – one of the five finalists at The Quarry Life Award, Romania 2014