We believe in the principle of cascading effects. All actions that we undertake will be based on this principle.
Description of our project:
Our team aims at organizing a 1-2 days trip for the pupils of "Virgil Madgearu" Economic College of Bucharest, in the area of Lespezi quarry site. This trip will have a scientific study purpose. The project will also engage the biology professors of the high school.
Our objectives are:
- making the pupils accustomed with trips in the country’s picturesque areas;
- discovering the biodiversity in Lespezi quarry area;
- informing pupils about the production of cement with minimum environmental pollution, due to the investments made by HeidelbergCement AG in this respect;
- negative impact of human involvement on the nature by the exploitation of natural deposits;
- responsibility proven by HeidelbergCement AG by the rehabilitation of the exploited area.


To achieve the abovementioned objectives, we aim at collaborating with "Virgil Madgearu" Economic College of Bucharest (we are former pupils of the high school and have a close relationship with the teaching staff):
- we will select 40-45 pupils based on their school average and desire to participate in the trip;
- we will collaborate with the teaching staff, particularly the biology professors, due to their knowledge in environmental and biodiversity-related issues;
- in order to facilitate the access to the quarry, we will collaborate with the quarry management for the specific health & safety training;
- we will gather and present to the pupils information about HeidelbergCement AG and, respectively, about the methods, technologies they use for cement production;
- we will gather and present information, with a view to improving the public opinions on quarry exploitation, including their subsequent faith;
- we will rent a 3* bus, with 49+1+1 seats, to travel from Bucharest to the respective area and back
- in order to check the knowledge acquired, we will organize a mini-contest with symbolic awards for the pupils.

The expected added value for biodiversity and /or society and company is:

First of all, will gain the nature.
Secondly, this project will be beneficial for the pupils involved, who will learn experience and knowledge about environment/biodiversity, as well as about the activity of HeidelbergCement AG in terms of best environmental and quarry exploitation practices, which (why not) will be greatly useful to future economists/managers, especially due to the sustainable development trends (see the Environment Management System).
Thirdly, we, the organizers, will learn from the experience acquired in developing and implementing the project and the collaboration with HeidelbergCement AG.
Last, but not least, this will also benefit HeidelbergCement AG, due to one of the project objectives aimed at raising public awareness on the measures undertaken by the company to protect the environment and rehabilitate the areas impacted by the extractions of raw material for cement production.


Implementation estimation (budget / time / workforce):

Budget: It will be implemented after the documentation stage. In any case, we try to use the money effectively.

Time: 1-2 research days, 1-2 days for the actual trip. Remaining activities: negotiations and promotion, creation of posters and leaflets to the sole discretion of the organizer. 

Workforce: Volunteering: we (organizers) and the teachers!