The project "Integrated management of biodiversity within the Mining Perimeter of Slatioara" comprises of three integrated approaches:
a) ecological rehabilitation;
b) monitoring of wild species and natural habitats;
c) promoting management ethics,which, through implementation, will improve the quality of the components of biological diversity (habitats, plants, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and mammals) by strengthening the foundation for sustainable local and regional development.
The project involves identifying degraded habitats that have a relative high potential for the biodiversity in the quarry (for feeding, reproduction and resting purposes) and proposing the best solutions for their ecological rehabilitation in order to minimise the impact (if it is identified) that the exploitation of mineral aggregates has on habitats, flora and fauna.
The project also aims in increasing the attractiveness of the area for fauna and biological diversity by providing support environments for its reproduction, shelter against the elements and an increase in trophic resource.
At the same time, through the proposed project, we want to develop a Quarry Biodiversity Management Plan and provide a worthy model to be followed in other country-based quarrys located within or near important biodiversity areas.