This project aims to focus on the biodiversity in the Lespezi Quarry in an educational manner, by means of birdwatching, doing sport and promenades, in order to raise awareness about the importance of the biodiversity within the quarry. We aim to create and improve the relationship between the quarry and the locals, explaining to them the benefits of this industry and engaging them in visiting the sites.
Rock climbing, birdwatching and observing trees and plants in the quarry area will strengthen the bonds between local community and the quarry.

Two field trips in late April

In late April I visited twice the quarry, getting a better view of the steps I have to take further. I found a rich conservation area, where nature managed to thrive near the exploitation site. A thing is clear: wildlife and biodiversity do exist in Lespezi Quarry.

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Research on artificial nests

Because of the serious comeback of the winter in March, I still can't take field trips in the Lespezi Quarry, given the site's high altitude. It has snowed in the past two months, so I did some indoor activities for the project, like research on artificial nests.

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