This project aims to focus on the biodiversity in the Lespezi Quarry in an educational manner, by means of birdwatching, doing sport and promenades, in order to raise awareness about the importance of the biodiversity within the quarry. We aim to create and improve the relationship between the quarry and the locals, explaining to them the benefits of this industry and engaging them in visiting the sites.

Rock climbing, birdwatching and observing trees and plants in the quarry area will strengthen the bonds between local community and the quarry.


Marked botanical trail in the lower part of the quarry (conservation area)

Nature has a lot to offer in Lespezi quarry. This time we focused on plant species found in the lower part, near the entrance. Here, in an area that hasn't been exploited for several years, nature has regained almost the entire surface. A tiny pond has formed on a plateau and the young birch trees begin to fix the rocky slopes. All these surrounded by a dense spruce forest. Therefore we welcome people who want to have a relaxing walk in the forest, having a closer look at the tiny organisms...

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Bolted routes in Lespezi quarry

Being stung by wasps in the rock wall on a hot summer day isn't the best way to start your work. However, we've managed to bolt two routes for beginner rock climbers in the conservation area in the southern part of Lespezi quarry. All the materials used here are recommended by UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation).

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Marked birdwatching trail in the upper part of the quarry (conservation area)

Nature lovers will have the opportunity to wander on the top of the quarry from now on. We marked a 700 m trail with a yellow cross on the trees and limestone blocks. The place is located outside the working area, at ~1650 m above sea level.

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From a pile of sticks and hay to a future nesting spot.

After a visit which leaded to no result because of a dangerous thunderstorm on Tuesday, 22nd of August, we finally managed to fix the nest near the top of a tall spruce tree in Lespezi Quarry on 24th of August. It required patience, attention and a lot of climbing equipment in order to make everything safe, but now the quarry has a new potential nesting spot. We have also seen several kestrels (Falco tinnunculus) in the area! And as a bonus, a male chamois whistling at us from another cliff (no...

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The bird nest is ready!

At last the quarry will have one more nest! I hope some diurnal birds of prey will find their home here. As you know, many birds of prey prefer inhabiting an already built nest. I tried to make this one a crow nest lookalike; we will see if the predators consider it the same.

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Two field trips in late April

In late April I visited twice the quarry, getting a better view of the steps I have to take further. I found a rich conservation area, where nature managed to thrive near the exploitation site. A thing is clear: wildlife and biodiversity do exist in Lespezi Quarry.

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Research on artificial nests

Because of the serious comeback of the winter in March, I still can't take field trips in the Lespezi Quarry, given the site's high altitude. It has snowed in the past two months, so I did some indoor activities for the project, like research on artificial nests.

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