The project represents the second act of a previous one conducted in 2018 in the same site (QUARRIES AND PEOPLE PUT TOGETHER. A PROJECT IN LESPEZI QUARRY, ROMANIA - aims to complete the former project by cementing relationship between the population and the quarry, thus being in the future a good practice example of how we could raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity within a place marked by human intervention such as a quarry.We will try to prove that a modified natural site could value more than a simple natural site in terms of education and information dissemination.This will be achieved by creating a visual identity of the quarry, then providing people with the information about the coexistence of the quarry and the biodiversity within and last, but not least, bringing university students in their field trips here and showing them the site, making them subsequently dissemination vectors.Along with this strategy we aim to further continue the previous project in terms of leisure activities like rock climbing and wildlife monitoring, making Lespezi Quarry a pinned place for the nature-lovers.