As most reptile species begin to be active since April to May, our first meeting with herpetological biodiversity in the quarry was early May. We left home with 2 main purposes: to get acquainted with the quarry and to observe at least some species. We'd say we achieved this goal.
European green lizard(Lacerta viridis), known as "guster" in Romanian, was the first species to make its presence felt. Being one of the most well-known species of lizard in the country, Lacerta viridis is the green lizard, with yellow and brown shades in the region of the tail. A species that differs both in color and size, as it can reach a length of over 40 cm. A beauty of the lizard!
Another species that we have seen and is quite abundant in our country is Common wall lizard (Podarcis muralis), a very fast species with a good climbing ability that feeds on insects and other invertebrates. Until next time, when we'll meet the viper.