So there we are..

The last thursday we've got a break of quarry monitoring and came down in the Turcoaia school. Our thought was to find a nice group of students, but they outreached our expectation. We found very nice and smart teenagers with basic knowledge of raptors ecology and able to distinguish the raptors as well. Thus, their advantage of lifestyle surrounded by nature..

We had two groups, with children from 7th and 8th grade. During 50 minutes presentation for each group, we went through the raptors identification and ecology, the role of quarry in their life cycle and ended up with some interesting facts about raptors. Just imagine the students reaction when they have heard that the peregrine falcon can reach a speed of 325 km/h during it's diving towards it's prey.. In conclusion, a very effective presentation considering the avalanche of questions from their side.

Further, in this weekend we'll prepare our field equipment again and take a deep breath. Next week we'll hit the road to Iglicioara Quarry!