For the ones who manage to get to the top, nature's reward is overwhelming: a breathtaking landscape over the southern hills or the greatness of Bucegi Mountains (if you turn away). But along with admiring the surroundings, there is another thing to do here: birding. We marked this wild path in order to give the visitors the opportunity to have a walk in the wilderness, passing through several habitats (rocky cliffs, spruce trees, alpine meadows etc.).
It is the best place to scan the horizon; all you need is a binocular and a camera. It is good to know that getting here requires around 3 hours from "Cantonul Bratei" or from the Bolboci Lake partly on a hiking trail and then off the beaten track.
Reaching to the marked path through the quarry is more difficult, because of the activity in here. It could be possible only on special dates, within an organizes event.