On March 18, 2022, we went to Ruda Mineral Raw Materials Quarry in order to continue our activities among the project Protection of avifauna and amphibians by improving the habitat conditions in the Ruda Quarry. Currently, two depressions of the terrain for amphibians have already been dug - during the visit we found that one still requires deepening.

The main purpose of our visit, however, was to hang the nest boxes for birds so that they could use them on the first day of Spring. We hung five nesting boxes, one of each type, i.e. black redstart, nuthatch, A1, D and E. While placing them on the trees - oaks and alders - we had in mind that the inlets to the boxes should be situated in different than the south directions, because in summer days it could be too hot for the birds and their chicks. Sawdust has been placed in each booth to make it easier for birds to lay eggs. The beautiful weather was favorable for us in the works and in a fairly short time we could admire the effect of our work, visible on the photos.